Receding Hairline – causes, symptoms and treatment:

As people grow older there are various changes that take place in their bodies. These changes can be physical as well as psychological. Some of the problems that arise due to aging can be categorized as diseases or disorders. Hair loss is one such problem that can be caused by a physical disorder or a disease both.


Very common these days:

Receding hairline is a common problem these days. Both men and women are suffering from this issue in large numbers. Even in early ages, you will find receding hairline men and receding hairline women in abundance. People who are in their 30s and 40s are most common sufferers in this regard. Known as the start of the middle age period, the process of receding hair starts by thinning of hair and gradually turns into baldness.


Let us look at some common causes of this problem:

  • The male baldness or fall of hair occurs due to the increasing production of a chemical fluid called the dihydrotestosterone in the body. It causes the shrinkage of the hair follicles and thus damages them in the long term. As a consequence hair fall is started and creates receding lines or baldness in specific locations.
  • In women the loss of hair is caused by reduction in the estrogen production.
  • Male baldness is also caused as a hereditary condition. People who have falling hair or baldness issues in their families are bound to suffer from this problem.
  • Stress is a common cause of falling hairs, both in men and women alike. People who suffer from psychological disorders like anxiety or depression may lose their hair faster than normal people.
  • People who are addicted to drugs or alcoholic drinks are prone to get receding hairline signs.
  • Baldness or loss of hair might occur due to some kind of an accident, traumatic injury, surgical procedures or some poisonous liquid on the hair.
  • Other conditions that effect hair growth and increase damage include post pregnancy conditions or prolonged sickness or ailments.

Symptoms and Signs:

Below are some ways to notice the symptoms of falling hair both in men and women:

  • People with short hair can easily notice a change in their hairline. If it is receding forward, then there is some problem with the hair. You should examine your hair and scalp regularly for any visible changes
  • In women the problem is noticed as their hair starts to thin out or they can point falling hair in their hair brushes. Mostly women find out about their problem through the accessories they use on their hair.


Getting the appropriate receding hairline treatment is a must for both men and women. You should consult a proper medical practitioner for this purpose. Although there is no one receding hairline cure, the hair expert can suggest some receding hairline styles and receding hairline hairstyles to reduce their visibility.

This was some basic information about a very common problem these days. For proper treatment you should always consult a good specialized doctor.