Hair Restoration Solution:

Hair loss is a common problem observed these days and many people are seen suffering from it and with excessive hair loss you might become bald. Hair restoration is the new trend emerging to diminish balding. Other terms used for it are hair implantation and hair transplant. It is a medical procedure that helps to permanently restore your hair. Hair restoration solution is considered to be expensive and a time taking procedure and is effective for both males and females. Before you get to know about its cost and products, first we will discuss what is hair restoration or hair transplant?

What is Hair Restoration?

Hair restoration surgery or hair transplant is a procedure where you introduce new follicles to the area with thin or no hair. The technique of hair transplant has changed over time and two popular method used are FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Storage). Each technique is applied according to treatment needed by your hair. In FUSS hair from back of the head are removed for about 6 to 10 inches and then are placed on the area with thin or no area. Then you get hair grafting according to your hair type, colorand density.

In FUE all the hairs are shaved from the scalp at the back of head. From these hairs the surgeon introduces new follicle one by one. The area is healed by existing hair. The grafting is done in the same way as in FUSS. Hair restoration costdepends upon the type of surgery and amount of hair to be restored. The time of surgery is also dependent on the procedure which normally takes about 4 to 8 hours. This is a permanent solution to the hair loss and you can continue the procedure if you wanted to increase the volume of your hair. The cost for this procedure is mainly from $4000 to $15000.

Hair Restoration Products:

Just like any other surgery it could also have risk and side effects, that includes un natural growth of hair. For that hair restoration products are used to speed up the growth of hair and give them natural look.  These hair products mainly consist of shampoos, prescribed medicines, vitamins supplement and a healthy diet. The common and popular products are SugarBear Hair Vitamins, Earth’s Nectar mint leaves scalp oil, Mane n Tail and Body shampoo, Davines Ol All in one milk and Phyto Phytophanere hair supplements. These supplements helps to grow your hair faster and give them the healthy and natural look. Hair restoration network is vast and helps you regain your self-confidence and self- esteem that you might have lost with your hair loss. With counseling, a proper diet plan and the correct use of hair restoration product you could get rid of all of your hair problems. With the help of hair restoration network, you get a forum to discuss your hair problem and you get to know the best possible solution for it. Be confident and beautiful with your natural hair.