Hair Implant: Facts You Need To Know

With time people can realize that they are living in a world of fast-paced lives where every individual is in competition with the other one. The amount of stress is increasing in people because they are getting worried about every small aspect of life. Hair loss can also become the cause of stress and this hair loss could result in baldness if not attended. Therefore, the Hair Implants is a common trend in today’s world and technology is providing many hair transplant surgeries that are helpful for people in different ways whether it is the baldness or hair loss. The hair transplantation is basically considered as the only permanent solution to hair loss or baldness. This article will cover some of the facts about hair implants.

  • Transplanted hair grows automatically

Hair transplantation procedure occurs in such a way an individual do not need any further special maintenance for its growth. These hairs grow automatically after surgery and individual can cut or wash it accordingly.

  • Techniques in hair transplantation

It is not about just one or two hair transplantation techniques instead, there are thousands or techniques available which can be used accordingly. However, the most common ones include FUE or FUT.

  • Hair Implants result varies

The hair transplantation results vary according to the type of hair, the amount of donor hairs available, and the extent of baldness.

  • Hair Implants is a day care procedure

Hair transplantation is no doubt a surgical method but it does not demand any stay in the hospital. Today hair implant is entirely a day care procedure.

  • Hair implant is a permanent solution

There are many temporary solutions available for baldness such wigs or hair pieces but they do not last for a longer time. However, the hair implant is a permanent solution for hair loss, as it distributes the person’s own hairs across the scalp. Therefore, there is an increase of 20% in the hair implant surgeries every year.

  • Hair transplantation other than scalp

These hair implant surgeries are not invented for scalp only instead, certain body hair transplantation can also be carried out.

  • Hair Implants Cost

The hair transplantation surgeon never charges randomly instead he charge with respect to the hair grafts number that is transplanted. A single hair graft usually contains 2 to 5 hair strands.

  • Hair implants prevalence

With time, the hair transplantation trend is kept on increasing. However, it is observed that about 87% of men are concerned about hair transplant surgery while 13% of the women are concerned about it. In the entire world, 300000 hair implant procedures are carried out.

  • Morbidity rates

Only a few complications are reported in the transplantation procedure. Usually, an individual may face a problem with infection, delayed healing, graft rejection, or scarring.

  • Normal results of hair transplantation

The transplanted hair usually fall out in just a few weeks, however, the new hairs need about three months for its growth.