Fue Hair Transplant

An individual’s entire appearance ruins when he lost his hairs. People are trying different products to get the glimmering and shiny hairs. It is a fact that if a person over cares for his hair, then he usually gets the opposite results. The best proverb that suits here is the excess of everything is bad. However, people are actually satisfied with this excess care and this satisfaction produces adverse results like hair loss or baldness. The technology has provided a solution for baldness as well through different hair transplant surgeries. Follicular Unit Extraction is one such effective surgery which makes it impossible to differentiate the transplanted hair from natural ones. This article will enlighten people with the knowledge of Fue Hair Transplant.

What is Fue Hair Transplant?                   

Follicular hair extraction is a surgery for the hair transplant. In this method, the donor’s hair is extracted directly from the donor site in a hair transplant unit. An appropriate instrument is used for making minute incisions in the scalp around the follicular unit which is then separated from the surrounding tissues. This unit is extracted directly from the head skin leaving a minute circular open hole. These follicular units are then implanted into the recipient scalp where they will start growing into healthy follicles for producing more hair. This procedure continues until a large number of follicular units are produced for the hair restoration. This takes about seven to eight hours for a single session and continued for two consecutive days. However, people reports the final Fue Hair Transplant Results After 3 Months.

Who can take advantage of FUE?

The FUE hair transplant is used in the treatment of alopecia in which an individual is suffering from minimal to moderate hair loss. The following individuals can take benefit from FUE:

  • FUE is used for women who require a corrective surgery for the frontal receding hairline.
  • It is used for patients who need transplantation of eyelashes, mustaches, and eyebrows.
  • It is recommended for individual who are passing through some dermatological conditions.
  • It is used as a treatment for people having too tight scalp for certain strip excision.

Benefits of FUE

The FUE Hair Transplant Review reported the following benefits of FUE hair transplant:

  • The FUE treatment does not leave any visible linear scar which could actually alter the beauty of hairs.
  • It requires a short period of time for the healing process. Patients usually recover in just a few days prior to surgery.
  • In order to ensure the comfort of patients, the surgeons use some local anesthesia. Still, if some discomfort arises then that is controlled by mild analgesics.
  • It is almost impossible for other people to differentiate the transplanted hairs from the natural one. The hair transplant surgeons basically transplant hair grafts in such a direction that copy the growth of the surrounding hair strands. People can compare the Fue Hair Transplant Before and After

Fue Hair Transplant Side Effects

  • Some white scars are left in the donor site.
  • Fue Hair Transplant Cost bit high.
  • Harvesting the hair grafts from donor site increases the risk of future hair loss.

Increased risk of infections.