Alopecia areata

Plane random patches and the thinning of hair are commonly called as Alopecia areata. This disease occurs when the immune system of the body, mistakenly effects or attacks the healthy tissues like hair follicles. It sometimes prohibits hair from growing back to normal. If by any chance the hair starts to regrow, they tend to fall out again and again.

Alopecia areata is considered to be one of the most common causes of hair loss. It can cause hair loss from not just scalp but from other parts of the body as well. In males, a beard is generally the host for this disease after scalp.  In the beginning, you will notice a small, round patch which in an adverse case will continue to grow large.  Both males and females can easily be attacked by this disease irrespective of the age. Young people are generally more easily affected by this disease.

Above the surface, the diseased hair follicles production slows down severely for months sometimes years. Whereas below the surface, hibernation state of this disease makes the hair follicles stay alive, and to continue the production of hair on the collection of required signals. Some people are lucky enough to experience normal regrowth of hair within the year without undertaking some treatment.

Alopecia areata in children

As explained earlier this disease can affect people of all ages and both genders. It can even affect babies of five years or younger. The nature of the disease is same; the immune system will attack the healthy hair follicles to protect the baby from illness. Alopecia areata in children will lead to shrinkage of follicles; baby might lose hair in few patches around the head or can become completely bald. In extreme case, the child’s complete body can lose hair.

Symptoms of Alopecia areata

  • Expansion of small hair loss patches
  • Itchiness and burning around the patch
  • The cycle of continuous loss and regrowth of hair

If you are facing the above mentioned symptoms of alopecia areata, you need to consult the doctor immediately


Causes of Alopecia areata

Attack of the immune system on the healthy follicles is the main cause of Alopecia areata. However, it is not known yet, what triggers the immune system to attack mistakenly. It is believed that this disease is hereditary and runs in the family.

Alopecia areata treatment

Up till today, there has been no known treatment of Alopecia areata. In some cases treatment can be followed for the regrowth of hair, hair fall cannot be stopped but can be reduced with certain treatments. Steroids especially corticosteroids are best known to improve or to suppress the immune system for mistakenly affecting the healthy tissues.

Natural treatments of Alopecia areata

  • Intake of herbal supplements have proved to help slow down the process of alopecia areata
  • Aloe Vera; This plant helps in improving the blood circulation, which in turn can increase the growth of hair
  • Onions; Onions are high in sulfur which stimulates circulation and helps in hair regrowth
  • Vitamin rich diet; Vitamin C and vitamin B both helps in reducing and preventing hair fall

Many other natural remedies have been proved to be helpful to treat alopecia areata, as medical science has not yet discovered any treatment to it

Alopecia areata cure

Unfortunately, it cannot be cured but the process can be slowed down with certain medicines and steroids.